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3 Billion Birds - 7 Simple Actions

7 Simple Actions to Help Birds

A study*, published September 2019 in the journal Science, found that the population of breeding birds in the US and Canada has dropped by nearly 30% (or 3 billion birds) since 1970. Go here to learn more about 7 Simple Actions you can take to help birds.

 We encourage you to spread the word about how we can all help. Be sure to share this information and use the hashtag #SaveTheSongBirds.

*The study is a collaboration between avian and conservation scientists, led by Ken Rosenberg from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and American Bird Conservancy.

Scarlet Tanager

From Backyard to Beyond: The Fall Migration Facebook Video: Paul Gregg will discuss the fall bird migration and the unique birds to look for as they pass through to their winter homes in the South.

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Hummingbird on wire

Facebook Video: Hummingbirds John Mims talks about the hummingbirds that you might see in the SE Texas

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Red Belly on Tree

FaceBook Video: Woodpeckers! Woodpeckers are an interesting and fun bird to watch at your feeder. We will discuss bird foods that attract woodpeckers, discuss the kinds of woodpeckers native to the Kingwood area, and give some fun facts about woodpeckers.

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