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The Home of the Best Bird Food in Town

The average backyard may be visited regularly by 15 to 20 different bird species. However, a bird-friendly yard can attract up to 60 or more different species.

The Right Food, for Every Season, for Your Birds

Wild Birds Unlimited offers a variety of the best seed blends on the market. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our seed blends are chosen by your local expert.
  • They are fresh and formulated to care for your birds.
  • Available for a limited time, we offer seasonal blends that are specially-formulated to meet your birds’ needs.
  • No cereal filler* — just seed your birds will love.
  • Our Guarantee: 100% satisfaction for you and your birds.

Try our seed blends today. You’ll see why we have the Best Bird Food in Town!

*Other stores’ seed blends contain cereal fillers that bids won’t eat. When the prices of that blends’ ingredients (seeds that birds actually eat) go up, the amount of edible seed is decreased and more fillers are added.


Barred Owl

Jan 20: Grand Opening Event Join us for our Grand Opening Event on January 20th. We will have prizes, and special gifts. The Main Event will be a presentation of Birds of Prey including Hawks and Owls by Margaret Pickell of Wildlife Center of Texas at 11:00AM.

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Feb 10: TWRC Wildlife Presentation Come meet Victoria Hepburn, Olive the Opossum (pictured above), JJ Watts the Bull Snake, and other cute critters from TWRC Wildlife Center for a fun and educational experience.

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