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The Joy of Bird Feeding

Share the Joy

The delight of seeing so many active and energetic birds at your feeders, and knowing that you are having a positive impact on the quality of their lives, makes feeding the birds a real joy; especially this time of the year. The best part is that this joy is available to everyone.

Across North America, over 180 bird species can be attracted to yards with the right food, water, and shelter. Any given yard can attract 60 or more kinds of birds. That’s a lot of joy and all of it right outside your window.

Finches take turns at the finch feeder. Jays raucously grab peanuts and nuthatches and chickadees industriously horde sunflower seeds.

Bird feeding is a fun and educational hobby, and this is the season to share it with everyone.

Stop by the store this month and share the joy of the birds with us. We have the best seed, feeders, nature gifts and advice, and we can help you introduce this wonderfully joyful hobby to your neighbors, friends and family.


Cooper's Hawk

Birds of Prey (Nov 10, 11AM, Wild Birds Unlimited of Kingwood) Mary Anne Weber, Education Director of Houston Audubon will bring a variety of hawks and owls to the store for a fun with the raptors.

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P Martin on gourd c

Purple Martins (Nov 17, 9AM, Wild Birds Unlimited of Kingwood) John Mims will review attracting purple martins to your yard, including appropriate habitat, discuss purple martin houses, and best practices for being a purple martin landlord.

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Bluebird, E - male with fledgling 20240

Feeding Mealworms (Dec 8, 11AM, Wild Birds Unlimited of Kingwood) Jim Markham of Aquaponics Resources will provide details about mealworms and feeding mealworms to wild birds.

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