Cardinals -The Christmas Bird

Wild Birds Unlimited Kingwood

11:00 AM

Saturday, December 16

In Kingwood, northern cardinals are one of the most common feeder birds and one of the most common birds seen on bird walks. They are so common that many of us take them for granted. In regions where cardinals are less common, catching a glimpse of this colorful bird brings excitement. The bright colors and cheerful notes of these year-round residents add beauty and song to our backyards. Often you can find a pair nesting in your tree or even on your porch. This presentation will provide information for attracting cardinals to your backyard, discuss their favorite bird foods, and show why cardinals are one of the easiest song birds to feed while discouraging unwanted guests such as squirrels, white-winged doves, and black birds. We will present various fun facts about cardinals, including why they have been chosen to be a representative of the holiday season.